About Us


Who we are

Phu Son JSC., Ltd was founded in 2003 in Lam Dong, Viet Nam. The name Phu Son, or Fushan is inspired by the wonderful tea of high mountains, where endless tea farms hypnotize your eyes with green and the pure scent of tea fills up your mind with its unique freshness.

We have reached beyond the country border to Korea, Japan and America to introduce about our exceptional Oolong tea and received the warmest welcome ever.

By staying committed to our vision, we are trying our best each day to improve the quality of our Oolong tea so that we can bring to our dear customers not just good but the best Oolong tea.


What we have

  • A great tea farm with more than 400.000 meter square in Lam Dong province of Viet Nam and two branches in both Bao Loc and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • A passionate crew with experienced Taiwanese specialists and dedicated employees.
  • A wide range of modern machinery using the state-of-the-art technology in processing and producing Oolong tea.
  • The Integrated Crop Management – ICM ensures that we only provide organic Oolong tea with superior quality and values.

What you can find at Fushan’s

  • Exclusive range of organic high mountain Oolong tea…
  • Guidance, advice, useful information and assistance…
  • A range of exceptional quality Taiwanese
tea pots, tea kettles, tea trays and more…

Our product